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Hi folks, Novice newbie beginner right here


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Hi all as title I am completely new to the flight simulator after only purchasing flight simulator x steam addition only yesterday. I guess what I would like help with starting off is my graphics are poor in game but after looking through google my card AMD Radeon R7 240 should suffice?? (Computer novice as well here), I am also getting from some you tube videos I need add ons! Is that correct? And how to install them I have no idea...


Any way for now I'm a newbie but would love to gain expertise and knowledge with the help of you fine folk



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No NEED for addons. You can have heaps of fun with just fsx.


There are many freeware addon aircraft and addon airports available on this very site. Top of any page, click "File Library"--"Advanced Search".


But for now, just go fly and have fun. Start with something small. The ultralight is great for getting a feel for how aircraft behave. The Cessna and Beech-Baron are good next step ups.


Just go fly and Enjoy.

btw, don't focus on youtube video's. They are more about "Showing Off". People flying expensive addons, and on expensive airports and scenery. Showing off how much they spent mostly.


Also, if your pc is alredy struggeling with default fsx, running these kind of expensive addons is not an option. Aircraft like for example A2A, PMDG, and the expensive Airport Addons need serious computer power to run.


There's much better info on how to fly is you read texts on flying.

There's also a tutorial Glossary explaining many aircraft terms right inside fsx. In one of the menu's on the left.


Most info that you find on real world flying can also just be applied right away to fsx. It's that realistic!


Go and fly. Slowly you'll discover the menu options and settings. Improving things.

Maybe graphics card settings too.

That's a long trial and error process to find the better settings. You try something... it gets worse. You move the settings back a little, it gets better. Etc.

Don't fixate on that. Just fly, and try things along the way. You'll soon startseeing what works and what doesn't.


For now. Stop worrying. Just Enoy and have Fun!!:D



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