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I modified Charlotte co Florida airport(kpgd). Put in an ils approach which is working, a tower and 3 gates. I would like to have clearance, ground and tower communication but I an not not familiar enough with editvoicepack to to make it work. Any help would be appreciated,
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Iadded the stations and freq and they work but the airport name is not used. I changed the name as it was Charlotte co airport and nois Punta Gorda airport. and put the name in the stations. Also the progressive taxi is not available.
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progressive taxi is only available if there is a taxiway from where ou are to where you want to go. If it's not connected, there won't be a complete taxiroute to assign.


If you added a non existant airport name you will need to add that using EditVoicePack. EVP may have that name already. If not you will have create a new modification and cut and paste it together from other similar sounds. Then save and update the voicepack.

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Not sure on where the issue lies in this. EVP or ADE.


Some info on addin frequencies here:



and this. It's not an easy thread to make sense of but contains some info I think is usefull.


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I checked the airpport out bit.

I see there's already a clearance, but it says "Fort Myers"

No tower or Ground yet.



I'm thinking:

you want to:

-1- add a tower freq and a ground freq

making them pronounce "Punta Gorda"


-2- make clearance say "Punta Gorda" instead of "Fort Myers".


-3- Are you also trying to change it's ICAO ?? (or have you already).

Or is that not going to be changed?

(Changing ICAO is in "File--Airport properties--Airport ID").


I'll try to do those steps and make a version. (but I'll probably make it say "Muchos Hornos" instead:D:D:D:D)

But I would like a quick reply about that ICAO if possible. It may make a difference.

For one the ICAO is also in the COMMS lists. Also I never changed one.

I'd like to know if you are changing the ICAO before I start.

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Based on this info:




You only need to add a tower and ground channel, clearance stays at Ft Myers.

Unicom can stay, as you'll never see it again when a tower is active.

I used "Punta Gorda" as identifying name, it can be anything as long as you use the same when you go messing with EVPX.





In EditVoicePackX, create a new sound. Identifier="Punta Gorda", phrase (what will appear on the screen)="Punta Gorda". The sound fragments are trial and error.




After compiling, updating voicepack, test the result:




As I have the EVPMOD ready, you can leave a pm with yr email address and I'll send it.

Or I can post it to the file library if others are interested.



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No i'm not trying to change the icao. The tower is already in place along with clearance delivery,ground and tower frequencies. all are working and if I revert back to the name Charlotte county every thing is recognized. I will see if I can work with edv per pour scxreenshots however I have trouble opening the right directory trees.
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I'm sorry, another project just came up (non-fsx) and it's taking up all my spare time. Testing, creating and explaining this one would take me too long.

Besides, f16jockey_2 is much better at explaining EVP.:D

Happy Flights,


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