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P3d v4.1 not saving settings


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I have just installed P3D V4.1 as well as some Orbx scenery.


When I run P3D i get the default menu, I can go in and setup the Saitek Conrolers and Rudder Pedals as well as my graphics settings. I can then take a short flight and everything works.


However when I exit the application all my settings keep getting lost.


I have read online this was an issue in the first release but version 4.1 should have corrected this.


I have tried the following


Remove the client, re download the client installer (200mb) and install

Give P3D APP full admin rights

Give the P3D folder full control for all users

Give the Lockheed Martin in %appdata% full control as well.


But still the same issue.


Any ideas?



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