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ade9 airport improvement


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I used ade9 to improve the Charlotte co fl airport . the airport compiled and saved. problem: fsx loads stock airport. I have tried 2 ways-putting bgl in a folder, and just putting it in addon scenery/scenery. Still loads only stock airport. also tried adding in fsx scenery settings

any help would be appreciated

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I'm thinking ade9 is for fs9 and adex for fsx? Or am I wrong about that? Could well be wrong! Tired.


I think I did use ade9 in the long long ago with fsx. Don't remember. It could well work.


You do have the fsx sdk installed, correct?

With fs9 having the sdk is not required for using ade. Ade has the required (bglcomp.exe I think) file. But for ade with fsx the fsx sdk is needed.

(you find that on the dvd's. There is a wiki on installing fsx sdk that is a definite Must Read before starting.)



a possible test. If you always used ade9 with fs9, and this was the first attempt with fsx. Try installing your creation in fs9.


If that shows up, maybe you were accidentally using the default fs9 airport as base. Without realising.


Dunno really. Grasping at straws here.


Ps. Share please. How much experience do you have with ade? (In fsx and fs9 as applies.). Helps when thinking along.;)


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As far as I can remember ADE was for both FS9 and FSX.

But maybe my memory doesn't go back far enough, in that case you're using a very dated version.

A popup at startup lets you choose for which version you want to work (if you have both installed on that computer, or if you have fooled the register).


As for FSX not finding the modded bgl: do you get a message of FSX rebuilding the scenery at startup? If not, that means you've put the bgl in a non-active scenery folder.

That would be strange for Addon Scenery, but it has happened before.



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Guest lavochkin
I do not care if it is out of context or not. ADE9 is a very good program. And Yes I have let flightsim know my view on Airwrench. cya.
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