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29.06.2013, German F-4F Phantom Pharewell

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Phly-out of the last German F-4F Phantom of Fighterwing 71 "Richthofen"

(after 40 years of service being replaced by the Eurofighter)



"The Pharewell" ready to go, waiting for approval at Wittmund Air Base, Germany



Presenting the squadrons insignia over the east-frisian island of Spiekeroog



Leaving the north sea behind, heading back to base



The last touch down into the sunset


(xplane 11)

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Phantastic photos of a phenominal phlyer! :rolleyes:


I worked on those amazing birds for a long time. Their abilities were incredible. Some of the stories hat came out of that conflict we had never ceased to amaze me. I was in a Training squadron most of my career, but some of the pilots and RIO's coming through were old hands getting requaled, or there for instructor duty. Their sea stories were something else!

Some neat things about the Phantom: When I was in the Corps, and a bit thinner than I am now, I would sleep inside the intakes. A little snug, but pretty nice. Quiet, cool, just the place for a young Marine to grab a nap :D

When we would take them down to Hi-Power, I was shown by an old Gunny from Engine Shop something incredible. When they are in AB, an incredible feeling to begin with, you can actually slide your fingers into tail-pipe. Laminar air flow is simply amazing! Gotta keep them down flat to the tail pipe metal or you loose a finger or three, but let's face it, guys the age I was feel indesructable. Always fun showing the newbies that little trick.

Another trick, not so nice, but funny as heck at the time, is to put a newbie in the back cockpit, then run the engines up to Military power. Make sure you close the front canopy! Then the guy running the throttles brings one back to idle, then back up to Mil really fast, then down to idle again, really fast. The J-79 would "backfire", literally. It would cough a little flame out the intake. Of course, with the other intake still sucking in air like mad, the flame would go up and over the rear cockpit. I don't know how many brake riders on their first Hi-power lost their hair and eyebrows...


Sorry, I ramble. SO many memories of that bird...

Still, wonderful pictures of a beautiful paint job, even though it's a sad subject.

Thanks for a great post!



Had a thought...then there was the smell of something burning, and sparks, and then a big fire, and then the lights went out! I guess I better not do that again!

Sgt, USMC, 10 years proud service, Inactive reserve now :D

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