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Is my PC good enough?


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Hello I;m just trying to get into flight simulation but I'm not sure if my PC is good enough. Will the Aerosoft a320 work with it, if not what other addons will run


i5 4210u

8gb ram

r7 m265 2gb vram

Thx very much


It should work alright. If this is FSX you want to be conservative on the settings. FS2004 isn't so CPU taxing.

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With only 2 cores and it's base speed of 1.7 ghz and turbo of 2.7 ghz your cpu is just about ok to run fsx. At low setting only.

For advanced addons like that I think it's not going to be enough.


You could still get some fun out of default fsx. And use many freeware addons as well.

Once you eventually move on to a new pc you take fsx with you and get more out of it.


Specs of that cpu I looked at:



you do have a nice graphics card, that part is ok, but for fsx processor speed matters a lot.

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