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Need to get help to Puerto Rico :-(

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Hello Everyone, for those who know me I know it's been a while since I've posted anything.


At the moment I'm struggling to get in contact with My family Members In Puerto Rico haven't heard from them since the 21st when Hurricane Maria Hit, Although I Did here from my cousin in Louisiana who said she heard from a family member stating they are still without Power in the area my family is in, and the food is very little despite the donations that arrived in P.R.


My guess is the help hasn't yet arrived in their area due to some roads that are torn down.


For Anyone who wish to make a Donation, I have posted the link below to my Gofundme page.


If you can help so that i can somehow help them or get them out of the island that would be a blessing. I honestly just want to save up enough so that I Can get them a couple of generators and lots of food and water till all this gets straighten out..for those who can make a small donation that would be a huge blessing. Thank you guys.


Direct Go fund me Link: https://www.gofundme.com/MariaSanSebastianPR


You can also find the Go Fund me link on my Facebook Screenshot Page:



I've been really busy lately and haven't been flying much. An Update on my Cancer Situation I'm doing much much better still within the last visits of of my Remission and the news has been good. My last visit was just Last month Sep 12 and have 3 more visits left.







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It's great to know your cancer is in remission...fantastic! As far as PR goes, the company I work for has been sending pallets of water and other essential supplies like MREs, toiletries,etc, to San Juan on a regular basis. We fly it there weekly. I was in PR in March of this year and can't imagine the devastation. I was spent a week flying on the cargo C208s and the Shorts 330 :)

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