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Need help from someone who has Abacus FS Repaint and knows how to use it


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:confused:With Abacus FS Repaint, I am trying to paint a black antiglare panel on an a/c that has it mapped on the 3D model file, without success after many tries.


Can anyone help me please? I can send the plane.


If so, pm me sending me your normal email so I can send you the whole aircraft.


Thanks in advance for any help you may give...


Nick, Athens, Greece

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I use it, one piece of advice is 'Save' after every little thing then go back to do more if needed.

It can crash or freeze up and if you have done a lot of work then all will be lost.

When I first started using it, there were times I nearly threw the PC out the window because the program froze.


I'll PM you my Email, hope I can help.

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