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Elite Air Taxi adds Connie


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Elite Air Taxi http://www.flyelite.net has added the L049 Constellation to its fleet. This historic aircraft is slightly modified to accommodate flying modern procedures but mostly remains a flying piece of history. The aircraft is only avilable to our most senior pilots with over 1,000 hours flying for Elite and serves the nostiligic needs of our most demanding clients.


Elite Air Taxi is a FAR Part 135 On-Demand Executive Charter Company flying piston, turboprop and Business Jet Aircraft with cabotage rights in North America and Europe.


New members must pass a written (technical) and a practical (flight) test prior to starting at Elite. Our operations demand a high level of aeronautical decission making by our Captains and thus we simulate actual hiring process (although simplfied.) Upon starting with Elite members will start off in our Turboprop fleet and earning hours at Elite allows you to earn seniority and access to more aircraft.




Elite Air Taxi is open to all simulation platforms.

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