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A warning about hispapanels!


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Hello guys. I usually never post bad reviews about anything, but these guys take the cake! About a year ago I purchased a set of panels for my 747 center pedestal. For starters the radios all missed the black knobs extensions which I had to make myself (over 30 of them) but the thing which bothered me the most was the color - which was way off (too red as you can see in the photo.) I lived with it for all this time, but tired of being asked by those who visit why is my center pedestal of 2 colors, I decided to contact them and asked if they were willing to make me a new set at no charge. The problem is that they are using the wrong color to start with, and they even sell it in cans. i did not expect to get free panels, but keep in mind that i had paid almost 400 euros (about $600) which is a ridiculous amount of cash for a few pieces of plastic. I would have at the very least expected them to re-make them for a much discounted price. But he biggest insult was that they simply said that "it is not their fault" and that the best they can do is to sell me a can of paint (of the same wrong color) so that I can spray them myself - covering all the white lettering in the process!! So since there was no one else involved in this transaction - I guess they are implying that it must have been my fault? It was my fault that THEY are using the wrong color? Absolutely ridiculous customer service. I bet that to make these few panels did not cost them more that 50 euros, so they prefer having an unhappy customer out there posting bad reviews - other that finding a compromise. Now, that is what I call a smart business!

Thank you.


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