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Armstrong Whitworth Argosy.


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I downloaded it earlier, I'm having a problem with my joystick, so I had to let the AI take it.

I was set on the apron at EGCC, engines off and I selected the AI to fly, got fueled up and pushed back, engines started then she turned to taxi.

Some taxi badly with the AI but this stayed true to the lines, took off perfect, whining turbo prop engines added to the effect, she flew great, only a short flight but enough for me to see my new scenery which was an added bonus.


The model is great, looks really nice, good RAF paint texture as well, now one thing that troubled me, during the flight there was this noise and it seemed like it was the flaps retracting even though they were.

Then to confirm the noise as it made its approach, it extended the flaps, then as it got lower extended more then the noise stopped, making me think the noise was from the flaps.

I wondered if it was because the AI was flying it, until l I sort my joystick I won'y know, but I'm not knocking the aircraft, I'll give it 11 0ut of 10 lol.

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