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Global AI Ship Traffic

Ivan Werbrouck

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Hi everyone,


I can compile a "route" without any problem just with only one boat, the "wash_ferry_sm" the default ship in the map boats from FSX after installation. The traject is correct, compiling without problem. The boat shows up, turns as it should be, everything works fine

Now, i would like to use a ship from the collection "Global AI Ship Traffic" for instance AI_Statsraad_Lehmkuhl and let it sail in the "kanaal" ...(I have them all in the corresponding FSX maps, they all show up, made many pictures yet...)

Compiles ok, but the ship never shows up....Making the Boat, Plans, Route files exactly as with "wash_ferry_sm" no way, does someone have any idea how that comes...?




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By chance I looked at aibtc a few days ago. (I was investigaing a kml file, and ended up installing google earth and making a route with it. I did not test te result, was just trying out google earth functions.)


I did create routes using an aircraft carrier a year ago as well.


I can take a look, but please help me along a little.

What is the filename of the "Global AI Ship Traffic" package. And on what site can I find it.

To help out I have to be sure I'm download the same file you have.


And, can you also post your:




I don't need to see the route (yet). I assume you used the same route as before, so that part should be OK.:)


I'll start loading up on Coffee and do an Ice-Cream run. Should be set to go in about an hour.:D;)

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Helo il88PP,


Thank you for your time...


Here are the requested files...I'm further now, it looks a bit more complicated. When i use other ships from the collection -i have a download of the complete pakket 650 ships- i can use them!!


Just that one boat "Statsraad Lehmkuhl" never shows up...Put Boatsxxx and Plansxxx as attachment,

the pakket is : Global_AI_Ship_traffic_v1

Could not upload the . kml file, nor the .bgl file but i can change the extension to .txt if you need them also...







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I started downloading that package of boats half an hour ago. Still 2 hrs to go!

May not be needed though.

Looked at the 'Boats' file:



I notice

AC#28, -->number of the boat, correct, matches No in 'Plans' file.

12, -->speed

Speed looks a bit low. Especially in combination with only one hour.

I compared with a plan I have made for the Nimitz. There speed I used is 25 knots. (Time 6hrs, but that depends on distance too.)


Then I read the readme. A file in the aibtc folder tlinked to a website for that.

(filename: index.html)

There I see: Acceptable speeds are about 15 to 25 kts.




Try changing the speed to something between 15 and 25. Maybe increase the allowed time as well.




Then the plan:




You have set the plan to repeat after one hour.

(but is the boat back yet then? if not it won't work. (see speed boats.txt for that.))


The times in the plan look strange as well.

The first time should be earlier then the second time, but you have:





(maybe that first time was supposed to be 00:18:19) ?


--Maybe compare with this. It's a plan I made for the Nimitz a while ago. This worked with the distance used in it's kml file. (was around 250-300km (130-140Nm))



(I can't really explain the 4th time in that. Be aware that aibtc calculates arrival times based on speed. Then enters them into the file itself.)


Here's the link to the aibtc instructions.

Another (better) example plan is given there. Also the details about "between 15 and 25" and "arrival time gets calculated".


Ooops, no link. The file is of course on my pc (in aibtc.zip).

It opens in your browser. Fielname: index.html

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  • 2 weeks later...

Thank you for your time, yes, a lot of beginners errors, now i understand completely how it works, i have now, different boats in one .bgl, 6 "legs" in one .bgl, off one hour, everything works fine now...No problem anymore with the plans-file and the times.

What a beautiful collection of boats all over the world H. Nielsen made...


Thanks again!!

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