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Advice for new low budget pc

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Hello everyone, I've been playing my FSX in my laptop for a long time and decided to switch on a desktop. Im planning to buy a desktop in this following specs but it goes beyond my budget. Is there any suggestion for cheaper GPU? I want to keep the CPU since everyone is saying that FSX relies on CPU.


Intel Core i5 7600k

Asus H270 Pro Motherboard

Kingston 120gb SSD - is this really necessary??

MSI GTX 1050ti 4gb - any cheaper version of this?

Crucial Ballistic 8gb 2400

Seagate 1TB


All those specs were suggested by the pc shop but as I said it goes beyond my budget. Appreciate for any suggestions thank you :)

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If you are likely to stay with fsx and not move to a 64bit sim like p3d v4 then the CPU will be more important and you can get away with a lot lower in the way of gpu. I am currently running an i5 with a GeForce 660ti which is now an old card but works well. Perhaps see if something like a GTX 970 comes in within your budget.





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Hi Chris,


Whilst having the SSD (recommended for the OS I presume) would offer some benefits like a quicker starting PC, it won't give any actual benefit to the sim - i.e. no improvement in FPS etc, even if FSX is installed on the SSD alongside the OS.


To save some money it would be better to drop the SSD and just go with the 1TB HDD. When you can afford if you can then consider adding a SSD at a later date. The drive can be setup as a single drive or as a partitioned drive - for example partition the drive into two - C:\ and D:\ - sizing the partitions to meet your needs. For example.......


C:\ about 100 to 150 Gb for the OS and other system related utilities that you may intend to install, such as AV, Office etc.


D:\) using the remainder for FSX and other games, appa etc.


It is worth noting however, although the drive is stated to be 1Tb in size, the actual size/amount of available storage space will be smaller. This is down to 3 things.


First, the way in which manufacturers describe the drive capacity, although correct, is a bit misleading and is to do with how they 'mathematically' view/see what 1Mb is in Kb size - disk manufacturers tend to see 1Mb as 1000Kb whilst other areas of computing see it as 1024kb. Both are correct depending on the mathematical equation used.


Second, when the disk is formatted some space is 'reserved' for use by the OS so that it can read/use the device correctly.


The third reason is dependant on how the OS is installed. In most cases new PCs come with the OS pre-installed (as OEM - Original Equipment Manufacturer) as part of the purchase price - SEE COMMENTS BELOW RE THE OS. This is often from an 'image' and there will be no installation disk provided. The actual copy of the OS installation disk is stored on the HDD, often in a hidden partition. It can be copied to suitable media using the backup/recovery function - the procedure is often recommended and included in the documentation provided with all new PCs.


RE the OS - I am assuming that the new rig includes the OS as this seems to be standard practice, even for 'special' build PCs. However, if you have your own legal 'standalone' (i.e. not OEM) copy of an OS on DVD format, you may be able to transfer/use it on the new rig subject to the version and EULA. This, off course, will mean that you will have to install the OS yourself or pay the shop to do so.




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Hey everyone thank you for the advice, I am decided now to drop the SSD, so that just save me more, and regarding the GPU I was thinking also the used card but Im concerned how this GPU was used they might be in abused condition ofcourse they will said its still in good condition. Im willing to drop to a lower GPU, I still don't have a plan to move in P3d v4, might take 1-2 yrs before i will decide to switch. So only my concern now is which GPU I will used. I'm thingking of GTX 750i or lower??
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