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Alpha Channel Issue


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So, this is the first time I've had a go at trying to use alpha channels to add areas of transparency to the aircraft, having just kept to basic repainting until now. I've painted what I wanted on my texture in Photoshop CC, and committed the areas I want to make transparent using Photoshop's Alpha Channel and selected these areas as black (as shown on a youtube tutorial). The texture is then saved and opened in DXTBMP where the texture appears correct and the alpha appears correct in the top right box also. I then come to save the texture into FSX, but when I open the aircraft texture in game the transparency doesn't appear.


I've also tried the method of saving the texture and alpha separately and importing alpha in DXTBMP, however this doesn't seem to work either.


I'm sure it's just down to my inexperience with working Alpha's, but does anyone know what's going wrong?


Edit to add: I have also read the sticky Alpha thread.





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The Alpha channel will only make an area transparent if the model was set up for that.


In basic terms, if the model is set up for the Alpha to control reflection instead of transparency there is nothing you can do to make it transparent.


If it is an FSX model, then there are several ways to use the Alpha channel, it gets complicated quickly.


And before you ask, no, there is no way to change this as an end user.



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