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I was flying the C-133 Cargomaster, it was a slow climb then suddenly the cockpit started to dim then went black. Course some of you old XP hands know what it was, so I Googled it and found a few topics relating to it, apparently it's the pressurisation needs setting causing Hypoxia.

This is very real life I suppose but I thought something was wrong with my PC, I was relieved to read it was just this setting, I read on one post it can be eliminated in the Settings/General but I couldn't find it, so is there something to eliminate it as I also like to fly using the AI and that also doesn't know where the switch is lol?


While I'm on about this aircraft, as I said it was a slow climb, so in Planemaker is there a setting to speed it up slightly, I found the setting to turn off the smoke from the engines as I thought it was a bit too much?

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