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ifly 747 400 v2 com radio last digit alwasy " 0 ".


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i am having trouble setting the com radios.:rolleyes:

when opening the ATC for the first time, its automatically tuned to the tower, whits implies that the AUTO-TUNE is enabled.

then the ATC says to contact GROUND on 118.075 (for instance) and then should come in the ATC menu the GROUND for contact ground, but its NOT !.

after TOWER has complete his sentence, the message says: no message from clearence .....

and does not change to contact GROUND.

so this indicates that the AUTO-TUNE feature is NOT enabled and that's what i want .. but.. than i must be able to TUNE the COM RADIO manually when the last digit is NOT A " 0 " and that i can not do.


and this i notes on the P3D V3 to.. but there is AUTO-TUNE standard enabled. and the 747 was there also automatically tuned, but the freq number was NOT THE SAME as on the com radio, there shows 118.07 "0" instead of "5" .


on the 737 i can tune the last digit to 0 2 5 7 (i don't remember right now if the 9 also was there)


USN O6 says on an earlier post whits i forgot to mansion that i was talking about the 747. not the 737 (sorry about that :pilot:) that one can set AUTO-TUNE in the configuration tool .

well... i have NOT found this option. nowhere to enable or disable it.


so IF it is there, than please tell me where so if ENABLED, i can atleast fly the lady..?:confused:

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;) year well thats 1 option but not advisibel in a plane i think, but i got it running oke now.

had to uninstall p3d v3 and did a new install of v4. and now it was enabled automatically , so now how to turn it off.??


o bytheway.. i notesd that if tower ask to contact ground on .121075 for instance. and i dail 121.070 than it turns to ground .. so problem solved..but still can't turn last digid to 2/5/7 only 0

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