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Assistance regarding Ansett 80s FSX aircraft


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Hi All,


I'm looking for assistance regarding an Ansett 80s livery on the SkySpirit FSX 767-200. I hope this is the right forum section to post this in :).


When I reduce the zoom on the aircraft in FSX the tail livery becomes less focused (for want of a better word), and flowing lines appear. This is as best I can describe the situation, here are some screenshots to show you what is happening:


Ansett 1.jpgAnsett 2.jpgAnsett 3.jpg


Is there any way (better video card e.g.) that the tail livery will be enhanced and the above situation stopped?


I have a Intel® HD Graphics card, and it has 1664MB approximate total memory. If you have any questions please ask away. Thank you for any assistance :)



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