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I was wanting to do a tour of the coastline around England just to break out of my usual Florida flights. Can anyone tell me if ORBX England is as good as it looks? I see it's almost half off right now. I do have FTX Global Base, Vector and OpenLC Europe in P3Dv4. Your thoughts would be appreciated.

i7 8700k no oc, 16gb DDR4-3000, GTX 1080i, P3D on M.2 Nvme



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I have it and yes it is good, I have the rest of the British isles including Ireland and as you say with the offer they have on at the moment it is well worth it.

I also bought their British airfields as well, watch when installing some have an option if you want long grass, animals, parked cars and long grass, you untick the box for whatever you want.

With the England scenery there is an option if you want frozen lakes in winter, again untick the box to your preference.

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