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Not an is it better question

Kiwi Sim Pilot

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Does XP-11 have ground texture upgrades similar to P3D/FSX Orbix as I am a small aircraft sim pilot.




Hi there,


At present no, but...as a VFR flyer myself (both virtual and real), I would highly recommend using Andras Fabian's HD Mesh v3 found in FlightSim.com's file library. This greatly enhances your flying experience and is a must have download in my opinion.


As mentioned, you can download the files here at FlightSim.com, but as they are rather large in size, I would consider upgrading your account to a First Class Member. By doing this, your download speeds will be considerably (perhaps vastly) superior. Not only that, but your payment goes towards maintaining FlightSim.com :-)


You can read more about Andras Fabian's incredible work and the difference it makes here:




Let us know how you get on :-)





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