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PHKO to PHNL - New Video Card


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It's been awhile since I've flown Hawaii, and didn't have it setup properly. That is one of the caveats of FS9, water and landclass bleeds over to other areas of the world. Translates into having to run scripts before running sim!


But all things being equal, I'm still scrunching out the video card settings for my sparkling new NVIDIA GeForce GTX 750 TI 2gb. Let me tell you, it's pretty fast, but I need to tweak it in. Does anyone have an settings that they'd like to share?


Best Regards and Enjoy!



PHKO Keahole

001 PHKO Keahole.jpg

Positive Rate

002 Positive Rate.jpg

Cirrus SR22 FDE

003 Cirrus SR22 FDE.jpg

PHNY Lanai City

004 PHNY Lanai City.jpg

PHNL 4R Blast Pad

005 PHNL 4R Blast Pad.jpg

Taxi to Parking

006 Taxi to Parking.jpg

Flight Ops

007 Flight Ops.jpg

JAL to Tokyo

008 JAL to Tokyo.jpg

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