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Sand textures replacing rivers, lakes and parts of oceans?


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Hello I am going to be as detailed as possible in this post about my issue.

Issue: Sand and grass textures replace lakes and big rivers (eg river thames) however FSX still thinks it's water so it spawns boats there. I have UTX Europe and UTX Canada and when I installed it, and only then I saw this issue. But when I fly over to America, miami i saw Lake Okeechobee had been replaced with sand textures, even though i don't have UTX America and I have no other full terrain add-ons like FTX Global. I do believe it is a terrain.cfg corruption, however when I searched for my issue all the other posts say they have FTX global as well.


I do believe my problem is simple because i think somewhere in the terrain.cfg, like an extra line of code. If i haven't been detailed enough please inform me because i really want to nail this issue and anyone else who has encountered this problem can nail it too! I am looking forward to your suggestions, many thanks Ollie S.

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I too had this problem, and I like the above poster, unclicked a few settings and saved in UTX, then went back in and set them back to my preference. It worked everytime. Sorry!

- Paul Elliott


Come and follow my recreation of this historic light here: HERE

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