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DC-3 C-47 horizontal tail position


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While evaluating the latest Beta C-47 I noticed that in the Aircraft.cfg [airplane_geometry] I saw this:


htail_pos_vert = -52.7


As this indicates the horizontal tail is 52.7 feet below the centerline of the aircraft, this is wrong. This was the same value that was used for how far the front of the tail was back from the nose so seemed a typo. I checked the default DC-3 and was surprised to find the same value. Checked the FS9 DC-3 and same value again. I figured that if this wrong value was used in all these aircraft some other value must have been jockeyed to compensate for it as I've had no particular problems flying any of the aircraft. After extensive checking I could find no other value that looked odd. I finally bit the bullet and changed the value to 2.5 which seemed very close to what it should be. Tried a test flight and didn't notice any major change in performance. The only thing I noticed was that transitioning from ground to air seemed smoother. It's very difficult to believe that after all these years I've seen no posts about this or this wasn't noticed by the developers of each new version.

After 4 flights, I greased the landing 3 times and almost on the 4th. I've always had trouble not bouncing while landing the DC-3 so I'm keeping the change. I haven't noticed any other change in performance while flying.

Anyone have any thoughts or anything to add to this?

Jim F.

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