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Beautiful Sunrise DC-10 Flight


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Shalom and greetings all my pals,


Presenting a nice DC-10 flight from NZAA Auckland Airport located 13 miles south of city centre of Auckland to NZCH Christchurch International Airport 12 kilometres to the northwest of the city centre of Christchruch,


After take off and heading south with nice wing view of waters of Whaingaroa Harbour leading inside north island of New Zealand shown on far left and waters of Hauraki Gulf shown below the wing's tip as well as waters of Tasman Sea under jet engine




Sunrise shine on DC-10




Passengers sitting on right side are not lucky not to be able to have nice sunrise view








Sunrise colors are certainly strange




Don't you love sunrise view?




Day is getting brighter




Crossing waters of Cook Strait located between North and South Islands of New Zealand




Passing city of Nelson, New Zealand and its NZNS Nelson Airport located in in the suburb of Annesbrook 6 km southwest of the city




Engine view of Mount Richmond Forest Park





TO BE CONTINUED BELOW..............................................


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At 3,000 ft getting ready for approach to runway 02 where you can see in background another Air New Zealand plane on his or her final runway approach and you can see highway route number one also known as Main S Road under the plane




TOUCHDOWN using era 1970s Kodak photograph style




Front landing gear gliding down slowly in graceful manner using era 1970s Kodak photograph style




Front landing gear making ground contact




You can see how busy NZCH Christchurch airport was during Christchurch Vatsim event where you can see long line of planes taxiing to runway although I do not know how or why JAL Japan Air Line 747 took off from runway 02 using very very very short runway distance :blink: :blink: :blink:




Thank you for viewing! Stay tuned for next exciting flight.







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Beautiful shots of the DC-10!

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Thanks all for very very very kind words.


Whoa ... What kind of sky package do you use ? ASCA, REX or...What ?


Wan, Welcome to FSW and nice to meet you here. Those screenshots' sky colors are FSX default colors that I use editing software just to enrich the sky colors. Some of sky colors are not edited and some of sky colors are enriched by editing software.






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