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TreesX2.1 for FSX


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Whenever you download a zip file to add to FSX, the preferred procedure is:

1) Download from the web page to a temporary location. Most people use or create a folder on the root of C named "Download"


2) Use Windows Explorer to find the downloaded zip file in the Download folder and double click on it. If you are using Win7 or 8, WIndows will open up the zip file and treat it just like any other folder.


3) Within the zip file (looking at the filenames) there should be one or more text files providing information and instructions. They are usually named README or INSTALL or similar. Double click on them and they will open in notepad. Follow the instructions carefully. If you cannot find instructions, it's best not to try to use the contents. If you do not understand the instructions, it's best not to try to use the contents. When you are following the instructions, it's not necessary to extract the files to temporary locations. Just copy/drag the files to the locations in FS where the instructions tell you to just as if the zip file was a normal Windows folder.


What you should do NOW is MOVE the zip file from where you put it in FS to a temporary location (like Download.) FS cannot use the file in it's zipped form.



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