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My Lessons in a Cessna 152

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I learned to fly in a FRA152 Aerobat, great little aircraft, went solo after 15 hours tuition, didn't have time to get nervous about flying alone, It was during a lesson that my instructor jumped out, when on the ground thankfully & told me it's time for me to do my first solo flight which I thoroughly enjoyed.
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Nice job Eric :) I hope you wear the ugliest T shirt you own on the day you solo :) I wore my favorite T shirt on the day I soloed. I was too stoked to think about what was going to happen to it after I soloed, haha!

JOE- Asus P8Z68- V Pro; CPU: Intel i7-2600K 3.4ghz OC'd 4.6Ghz,

8G Corsair Dominator Platinum DDR3-1600, EVGA 1080Ti 11G ACX Cooler

Samsung 500G OS drive, 3 WD 1T Raptor HDD

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So I did solo but the camera's battery was dead when I did. I did just post a video of my second solo though which just happened last lesson (consistency problems due to my teaching job (I'm a band teacher with a lot of outside the school schedule commitments for students), weather, and money have made this a long process but I enjoy everytime I fly and I consider it gaining experience). I am on track, though, to meet the average 50-70 hours total flight time to get a private pilots license.


Check out my 2nd solo video here:

Check out my Real World Flights on the Eric Flight YouTube Channel

Eric Flight YouTube Channel

Check out my Flight Sim Livestreams on Twitch

Eric Flight Twitch Channel


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