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New Addon for FS Time Zones fix

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Dear my friends,

Everybody knows about FSX and Prepar3D (V1,V2,V3 & V4) time zones problems and in these years it was a major problem for those people who use virtual airlines (addons like FSPassengers , FSCaptain,….) Because they can’t fly on schedule and many cities in the world have a wrong time zones and DST(Daylight Saving Times) in flight simulators at all.


SimElite Solutions made a new Time Zone Fixer add-on and it will fix all time zone problems in all popular flight simulators like FSX, FSX STEAM, Prepar3D V1, Prepar3D V2, Prepar3D V3 and the latest version of Prepar3D V4.


Visit and read more about SimElite Solutions Time Zone Fixer at: https://simelite.com/timeZoneFixer.php


It has an unbelievable price of $9.00 in a limited time offer.


You can also earn money with SimElite Solutions Marketing Participation Program with your own coupon code!

Read more here: https://simelite.com/store/participation.php

SimElite Solutions Time Zone Fixer.png

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How FSRealtime works with SimElite Solutions Time Zone Fixer?


For everyone who already has FSRealtime, It is a common question and wants to know the answer.


If I want to answer your question in a simple way I can say: FSRealtime and SimElite Solutions Time Zone Fixer work besides each other and they don't interfere each others works. FSRealtime will use SimElite Solutions Time Zone Fixer corrected Time Zones to bring the most accurate local time you will have in your flight.


Now let me explain how these addons work:

In a simple word: Time Zones define the offset from UTC time. When we say New York has UTC-5h time zone, it means whatever UTC time is now, New York local time is 5 hours behind than UTC time.


SimElite Solutions Time Zone Fixer install on your Flight Simulator computer and it contains real accurate Time Zone files (define UTC[+][-] offsets) that flight simulators (FSX and Prepa3D) use to show the correct local time on each point of the globe.

FSRealtime is an application that installed on your simulator computer OR client computer (second computer with networked configuration uses to install some external applications for Flight Simulator) and for each flight it monitors the UTC time of your Flight Simulator and if there will be an unexpected UTC time shift (because in FSX, there is a bug and sometimes UTC time also change in some situations), it will force flight simulator to use the correct UTC time.


It means, FSRealtime take care of UTC time and SimElite Solutions Time Zone Fixer take care of globes Time Zones.

When you first install FSX or Prepar3D, the Time Zones are not correct at all! there are hundreds of wrong Time Zones there.


Before SimElite Solutions Time Zone Fixer, FSRealTime team had to use an older version of Time Zone Files that fixed some part of Time Zones along with their application BUT it was not perfect at all. It could correct some issues but it wasn't perfect.

Now SimElite Solutions at the moment has the most accurate Time Zone ever exist and the most important part of this project is its support and with the regular updates it will keep Flight simulators Time Zones in the most accurate way.

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So you have to run a client before you start the Sim? Will it interfere with Active Sky? I have to run that at the same time too. And then I will run Little Nav map on a second monitor.


My friend,

NO, SimElite Solutions Time Zone Fixer doesn't have any new interface or client program. At the time of install, it will be added to your Flight Simulator (FSX OR P3D) files(with some settings) and that's it. All the Time Zones in every point of the globe will be fixed and you don't need to run anything else just your Flight Simulator software.:)

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New version (V1.1.0) of SimElite Solutions Time Zone Fixer released and in this version the whole file structure changed and it contains overall improvements.


Some of our friends had concern regarding cumulative update patches and it is a good news that from version 1.1.0 all update patches will be cumulative for your convenience.


All friends who already have this add-on please download and update to the latest version today.

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