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XP11 Update locked the sim


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I haven't been on XP for a while, I went to use it today and got a popup saying an update was available so I did the update.

After it was done it clese XP down, so I restarted it and then it asked for Disk1 to unlock XP, or the option to buy or carry on with the demo.

But mine isn't a demo it is the fully paid version with everything installed from the disks, it was no problem to put the disk in but I would have thought the update would recognise if it was a full version or not.

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I've been busy with FSX and just got going again with XP-11, since the update things seem to have got worse not better, the aircraft are not reacting like they did before, they seem to have a mind of their own, they are a lot harder to control.


Is there a way to go back without re-installing, I prefered it as it was?



I went on the XP website, a few more people there asking the same as they too are not happy with the update.

It seems there is no roll back so it looks like I'm going to have to un-install XP and start over again, I'm not a happy bunny.

Some of the clever ones posted, "You should have backed up before you installed the update," I suppose that is true but not everyone thinks of that and a roll back would have been a nice option.

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