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About the Indy 4 FSX Maserati 250F Classic Edition:


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Although Indy 4 FSX comes with some really fine freeware Indy and Formula One cars, some of us simmers also like the challenges that vintage race cars offer too where the Maserati 250F made its history in the mid through late 1950's.




Different from the very high powered Indy/Formula One cars that already come with Indy 4 FSX, the six Maserati's in this freeware download from FlighSim.com, offer different types of challenges.


They are also a heck of a lot of fun to race or just to drive at 165 to 200+ mph on the Indy 4 FSX banked oval.


This series comes with a 40 gallon fuel tank. As FSX "War Powers" acts like a turbo on these beauties, although you can go a lot faster when enabled, you will run out of fuel sooner; or even over heat your engine if driving like a turbo junkie.


Like at the Indy 500 in the 50's, racing these beauties for 200 laps for a full out 500 multi-player event on Steam, will require a Pitt stop to refuel at a minimum after 25 laps which is about 8 Pitt stops in total.


So if you don't over heat your engine in the over use of the turbo and therefore simply break down, you are bound to have to stop sooner each time to refuel in using the turbo.


Some of the challenges are like at the Indianapolis 500: use the power to pass, while keeping in mind that in addition to lap time you want to complete your 200 laps. Just keep this in mind - as they say at Indy: 'its not over till its over'!


In multi-player such as if you are in, or hosting a Steam event, if you run out of gas on the track, and if the other players allow you to refuel elsewhere than just in the Pitts, still you are going to lose about 30 seconds at a minimum; or you will just be out of fuel, and therefore out of the race. If you are in a betting crowd, you might want to demonstrate first that you can complete the race.


Btw: you might be able to use the Turbo in those last few laps if you got the fuel. So its good to keep the following in mind throughout your races, and when wanting to get the checkered flag:


At 165 mph, these Maserati's use 4% of the tank to make a 2.5 mile Indy lap. With the Turbo, you get 7% fuel consumption. So if you are running out of gas and notice that you are down that low or lower on the tank, just get over to the Pitt lane, and crawl to the Pitts where you just might make it back in order to refuel again -


Practice is what makes good race car drivers and simmers too, and that goes for dealing with the challenges here when at tracks like Indy 4 FSX and other fine racing circuits from AutoSportsSimulations.com -

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