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I am a private pilot with commercial and instrument ratings. Own a Cessna 185 and have recently started flying a Caravan some.

I bought XPlane 11 thinking it might be useful in training with procedures but I was sadly mistaken. The 530 GPS and the Autopilot are exremely inaccurate compared to the real ones. When I start looking around on the web there are all these plugins but I can't tell if they are really worth the money or not. What I want is any airplane that has a good representation of a Garmin530W and an STEC 55X autopilot that would represent my airplane. I purchased the Carendo C185 but its ground handling is nothing like a real 185. Not even close! But for my purposes the airplane doesn't really matter.

I would also like a G1000 equipped Caravan. I bought the Carendo Caravan and it seems to be OK.

Perhaps they really don't work with XPlane 11 correctly.


I also purchased Prepar3D. Can't figure out if I like either one. Just want a good procedures trainer.

Any help out there?


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