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Aerosoft "Help" Desk.

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I am unable to re-download two items that I have bought from Aerosoft. I have contacted the somewhat ironically titled "Help" desk and (After over a month and 10 to 15 exchanges of emails and "Forms") I am haveing great difficulty getting anything out of them that is not actually insulting. Fabian Boulegue is totally unhelpful. Very Arrogant. and should not be in his job (I have the emails as proof and am quite willing to share if required).


Am I the only one who has experienced this? or is this typical of the company. ? He is actively going out of his way to not provide assistance. while attempting to demean the customer. I would like to know , before taking my complaints to the next level, if I am on my own ?




Suffice to say, that this is NOT a company which I could recommend or will ever be doing business with again. My advice is not to touch them with a barge pole.



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Never had problems with Aerosoft. In fact, they helped me out very courtious and way beyond their legal obligations to deliver eventhough I was the one who was to blaim.


One of the most trustworthy webshops in the business as far as I'm concerned.


I think it's also a matter of tone; it makes the music. Reading your post I get that you're frustrated about it all. That sucks!


But I also get that you actually received answers to your questions, but not the answers you hoped for. There's a limit to what webshops can do to satisfy everyone.


Providing back-up files for example is the responsibility of the customer. Look at it this way: if I buy a pair of shoes and I lose them, I can't expect the Nike Store to replace them.



Grtz., Hans

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