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Strange problem at LGAD (Screenshot)


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Ah, they've installed solar panels.


My first suspicion is a layering issue or conflicting sceneries.


I had this over half the state of Florida:




and this near Narita:




In each case it was one airport in the area causing the problem (no idea how); in Florida I just shuffled the layers til the weird grid was gone; in Narita I had to disable a small airport nearly fifty miles away, merely changing layers altered the appearance of this anomaly but didn't eliminate it (I seem to remember something in FS9.cfg affected this also, but it's been many years).

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OK, found a file (by the usual trial and error process) in my Corfu scenery called, incriminatingly enough, grid.bgl! Not sure what its original function was, but without it, LGAD looks more or less normal again (not that I fly there much!!).


The flightsim community can breathe easily again...

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Martin, Hi. You have discovered the international sky writers' graph drawing convention where for best results lines are drawn using the Smoke System key ...


Glad you are well on the way to fixing this anomaly at LGAD. I have never come across this personally having never flown to Corfu on FS2004 but I may just try it and see if I get the same.


Wierdest anomaly I have ever encountered scenery-wise is the six foot drop which exists on one of the main taxiways at Honolulu / PHNL (FS2004) ...

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Some scenery sets go in and modify AP or AB default tiled scenery.bgls Unfortunately this can cause effects that don't match other airports that share this tile area bgl files.


Some designers do this to get around FS scenery and airport facilities (navaids and runway) limitations that fs does not allow modifications even with multiple layers such as some stock ILS properties.


I expand .exe with embedded scenery files using 7-zip and check what is in them. I am very cautious with any that replace AP and AB files. Airports share those files that are in the same tiled regions and if more than one scenery replaces those default files that can erase what one designer did. Some have downright geographical errors.


Some examples are wrong coordinates of objects making them show up in other geographical areas such as the middle of runways, buildings, etc.


I am wondering if those vertical bars might be a defective tree library add-on.


Anyway, see if any bgls were installed that started with AP or AB. Somewhere is a reference file here that shows what FS CD each of that type of .bgl is on. There is another reference file that teaches how to convert the numerics in AP and AB file names to coordinates for the area they cover and there is also reference file that has a map of the FS surface with the numeric part and tile name so if you have a problem with multiple airports in that area you can look at the tile map to determine the file name.

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I guess if you don't have the same Corfu scenery installed as me, you won't see a grid. Odd that a file in Corfu puts a grid more or less exactly over an entire airport that distance from Corfu itself. I have had bgl files that have affected scenery much more distant than this.. probably, if you can be bothered to disassemble them to check, due to a typo in the co-ordinates...


Or, as you say, some installations change bgl files in the FS9/scenery folder. I often install sceneries into a 'dummy;' fs9 folder, that is one with the same folder structure, but empty - apart from a copy of fs9.exe and scenery.cfg (or the installer will not recognise the installation). That way I can check what is being put into my fs9 setup (and of course I keep an up-to-date backup of my fs9 installation too).

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