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AIFP and WOAI aircraft problem in FSX

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I am using AI Flight Planner to validate WOAI packages in FSX.


I download packages stated to be for FSX but i many instances after using AIFP and compiling for FSX the aircraft assigned to the Flight Plan appear in Red (showing as being incorrect).


The titles appear identical to those shown in my Simobjects/ Ai Aircraft folder but whatever I do I cannot get the planner to accept the assigned aircraft.


Can anyone help please or suggest a solution.


David Russon

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Take a look at your FSX.CFG file, and look for something that looks like this:










Lines 0 through 5 are default, line 6 points to where I keep my AI aircraft. In your case, given what you wrote, this line 6 should look like this:


SimObjectPaths.6=SimObjects\AI Aircraft


If that line is not there, then FSX will not be able to see the folder.



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No idea. I have the same setup as you (a Simobjects\AI Aircraft folder).

I suppose you have a valid entry in FSX.CFG that adds that folder to the FSX search path.


What happens if you double-click one of the red aircraft?



BTW why do you have to validate the WoAI packages ?

All you have to do is convert them to FSX format (been said before: the flightplans are always in FS9 format).



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You may need to, in aifp, click the aircraft menu. And then to 'build the aircraft database' or whatever that's called. So aifp knows what is installed.

But the line in the fsx.cfg needs to be there for that too. And the folder path in that line must be spelled correctly. No extra spaces etc.

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