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Next generation SST aircraft for fs9/fsx?

Guest Trainx3

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Guest Trainx3

Spotted some news on the web discussing two potential supersonic passenger aircraft which are expected to fly in the near future. One is called Boom supersonic, and it it actually has orders already, with customers such as the Virgin Group. The other is called the Aerion, intended to be a private business jet. So with that being said, has any MSFS aircraft designer out there considered designing one of these two aircraft? Would be nice to see a trijet other than the usual ones in the Flightsim library.













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I'd love to see these as well, but our history of developing SSTs in general hasn't been great. Only one person has attempted the Boeing SST for MSFS, and no one has dared try its competitors, the L-2000 and the NAC-60. I'm thinking (as always, not necessarily doing) of doing those, especially the NAC-60, which has bordered on a obsession.


Better 3 views and such of the Boom are needed, the website actually doesn't make any specifications easy to find. Wikipedia will typically list specs, but all they had to say was it should be 170 ft. long, with a 55 foot wing span.


I also hope someone takes these project ideas up. It wouldn't be the first time that virtual aviation has stepped ahead. We were able to fly a 787 long before it entered service, weren't we?

Robert Smith


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