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Can't find resample.exe on fsx steam edition


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Should be part of the SDK.


... which is not part of FSX: Steam Edition, unfortunately (see the yellow quote here for more information: http://www.fsdeveloper.com/forum/threads/availability-of-sdk-with-fsx-steam-edition.432909/)


The FSX SDK was part of the boxed Deluxe/Professional Edition.


Although I think I would see some potential for FSX:SE in regards to the Steam Workshop (making freeware Add-Ons available through the workshop), I guess it would get Dove Tail Simulations in a lot of copyright trouble. Imagine thousands of sceneries popping up with photoreal backgrounds, that DigitalGlobe might own. The amount of cease & desist letters would be overkill! Shame though... I guess, besides the licensing stuff by Microsoft and all, DTS have their reasons for not publishing the SDK along FSX:SE.

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FSX:SE does not come with the SDK. For some reason Dovetail does not have the right to distribute it. To use tools requiring the SDK with FSX:SE you need either to install the FSX SDK (if you have it) or the P3D v1.4 SDK from Lockheed Martin. Last time I checked this was still available for download from the Prepar3D site free of charge.
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