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Boeing 757 3-point turn missed taxi way!!! - Skiathos Airport

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Not my video; found on YouTube.

From the description:

I have never seen a Boeing 757 using the "reverse gear" before. The 757 was still too fast and tried to vacate the runway via the nearest taxiway but the pilots didn` t manage to turn around in time and as a result they were standing in front of the grass next to the taxiway. They decided to use the reversers to taxi backwards. These "powerbacks" are extremly rare and civil aircrafts usualy don` t do it. Within the past twenty years I only saw two "powerbacks", performed by military aircrafts, a Casa 295 and a C-130 Hercules. I know that Northwest was well known for powerbacks when they still used the Dc-9 but I have never seen a Boeing 757 going backwards without the assistance of a pushback truck.


[My comment:Wow, 3-point turn!

And actually pretty quickly too. Assuming the pilot has not had to do this regularly, lol, and over shot the taxi way a bit, he made the decision. Low on fuel &light pax load? Looked easy!

I've seen film of a 1960's era DC-6 backing into a parking spot at terminal. One engine; reverse props; 45 degree back in turn.]


3-point turn back up starts about one minute mark.


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I have landed in Skiathos. It's considered amongst the most dangerous airports. I recall the feeling the plane was breaking in the air before touch Down, then FULL REVERSERS, BRAKES and SPOILERS. It was very exilaratting


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