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Plan-G flight plan to X-Plane 11 question.


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I finally got Plan-G to do the database for X-plane 11, so from there I created a flight plan in Plan-G.

I exported it to Xplane as an FMS file and saved it in the FMS flight plan folder, there it was listed.

I go in XP select the departure airport and aircraft, click on the Garmin to load the plan but it isn't there or in any list.


So I'm probably just not getting the sequence right so any help appreciated, thnaks.



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Hi RR, Yes I've done all that but nothing showing, from what I can make out after I do the FP in Plan-G then exporting it to X-Plane seems to be the problem, it puts it in Output\FMS Plans and I can see it there but the Garmin can't lol.

It has a .FMS extension as well but somewhere something is wrong.

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Well, XP11 did change the file formats, and AFAIK there still isn't a plan-G version for XP11.

Nevertheless, it seems that other plan-G users aren't experiencing similar problems in XP11.


Yet another unsolved mystery I'm afraid :)

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I've been in touch with Tim from Plan-G and he got the data loaded in Plan-G from XP-11.

My Plan-G when running will connect to XP-11 now no problem.


He told me to add a couple of folders in Resources\ GNS430\ airspaces

Then run the new Plan-G build v3.1.4


At first I thought it wasn't working as it did take a bit of time then all of a sudden it started reading XP-11 then Plan-G loaded the data up.

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