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Adding scenery - does not save on library

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after i add and load a scenery like usually , for some reason it dosnt save it on the library,


by adding it, its loading 100% and its on the list, but after i close the Library window and go back it dosnt show up anymore.


its not saving my scenerys i tried to add





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I don't suppose that you 1) put FSX into C:\Program Files or C:\Program Files(X86) and/or that 2) you have Windows 10?

If either of those, or both, is true, first thing you should do is to get the rectified (big words, huh??) Windows, especially Win10, has a severe personal problem with saving things, like changes to files, in those two folders.

Alternatively, since the Scenery.cfg file isn't co-located with the sim it's self, you may just need to change the UAC settings for it's location. On my PC, it's located in C:\Users\All Users\Microsoft\FSX . It may be similar on yours. Make sure you have full Admin rights for that folder, at least.

Especially effective is making sure you run FSX as Administrator, which helps some with such things.


Hope something in all this rambling helps a little bit...


PS: Cool name, duuuuude. I've had the same one for quite a few years now me-self :D

Friend of mine, originally from Ireland, insisted on calling me Padraic (Por-ick), but then, he was a little weird...


Had a thought...then there was the smell of something burning, and sparks, and then a big fire, and then the lights went out! I guess I better not do that again!

Sgt, USMC, 10 years proud service, Inactive reserve now :D

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Hi Patrick,


As indicated by Pat (PhantomTweak) it may be due to a UAC problem but it may also be due to a corrupted scenery.cfg file


Two options to try......


1. Temporarily turn off UAC and test. However, this may be a waste of time as, IME UAC, in its default install and operating mode, actually doesn't have any effect on the ProgramData folder area as the default Security permissions for this folder is set to allow thr creation/editing of files and folders. UAC is designed to control changes to those files that control system-wide settings or to files located in the System Root folders, Windows System folders and Program Files folders. Thus, for UAC to control the ProgramData folder it would require a change in the default folder security permissions.


2. Rename the current scenery.cfg file (located in the location indicated by Wim) to something like scenery_old.cfg. Fire up FSX and it should build a new one based on what it finds.


Something worth considering is the use of a scenery config tool to help you install/control scenery. One such tool is the Scenery Config Editor tool (see HERE for the product download page and http://fs-sceditor.sourceforge.net/ for detailed instructions on how to use it). It's freeware and has a number of good features, one being the ability to add new scenery to FSX without having to use the FSX Scenery page - simply use SCE to add the scenery, fire up FSX and it will rebuild the scenery database as normal. It will also highlight any problem areas




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Hi fellas


after trying and trying, I decided to reinstall FSX, i have a mess in my PC, so its time for maintenance, but thaks for all your tipps



And good to have some other Pats here , im swiss but i live since 1 year in the states in St.louis, ya all rock, I love it here :D

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