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Plan-G not building database for XP11


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I have read other threads on this and tried almost everything but still no joy.


I installed xpuifc, then tried Plan-G using the new zip file for 64bit that supposed to be good for XP11, I tried as administrator, tried with XP running, tried it without XP running but all I get is the scrolling bar that runs forever.

I even left it running all night only to find nothing had changed, I saw a few posts where some have managed to get it working but lots of posts where others haven't, and I'm one of them lol.


When I look in my documents I see folders for:

Flight Simulator Files

Flight SimulaterX Files



When I look inside the PLan-G folder I see folders:






Plan-g_Log (text file) 62kb


So is it trying to build a database and failing?



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Hi RR, On the Plan-G website I spotted in the top right hand corner a link to version 3.1.4 which loads the current map the version I was using was 3.1.3 so I installed the newer one.

I built the database from FSX which went perfect.

Then after a bit of tweaking I clicked on a couple of boxes from the drop down file settings and then I realised it might work if I tried XP, lo and behold there was my aircraft icon on the map, started a flight and it moved leaving a route trail.



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Maybe one of the moderators should make a Sticky FAQ. First item on the list should probably be "How to use Plan-G in X-Plane". It certainly is one of the more popular questions in this forum, particularly from those who migrated from FSX or are still using FSX.

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I noticed while flying the MD80 the altitude on the aircraft was very different to the altitude on the icon aircraft in Plan-G, it might just be that particular aircraft as I was having trouble with the altitude hold on it.
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