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737 Side Window Set Up

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I am looking for advice or some tips on how to add monitors for side windows (one on each side) to my 737NG cockpit setup. I am presently using 3 x 24" monitors for the windshield, attached by triplehead2go, so the video card sees it as one big monitor (5040x1050 resolution). I then have a 16" monitor which I use to display the PFD and EFIS (1366x768 resolution) on the captains side, and using a splitter, a second 16" monitor copying the first one for the first officer side. My current video card is the EVGA 760 (4096x2160 digital resolution, 2048x1536 VGA resolution). I am hoping to upgrade the video card to the NVidia 1070, or 1080, both of which can support 4 monitors. The plan is to use two 32" monitors for the front windshield (1920x1080 resolution each) - attached by the triplehead2go and seen by the video card as one big monitor, one of my 24" monitors on each side for the side monitors, and the 16" in monitors would remain the same. Before I invest in 2 new monitors and a new video card, does anyone know if the Nvidia 1070 or 1080 video card, can handle what I am proposing to do, or does anyone have any better ideas (short of projection TV) on how to set this up. Any advise would be appreciated.




Windows 7, Intel I-7 processor,

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