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Max Freight Virtual Airline


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MaxFreight is a virtual parts 135/125 freight company with scheduled and nonscheduled flights for our deliveries. We fly "Nothing but Freight!". MaxFreight has 6 Hubs in the USA which serve as gateways to Europe, Pacific, Central, South America and Canada as well as service to the United States.


Max Freight's extensive fleet includes heavy cargo aircraft all the way to single engine aircraft.


MaxFreight flights are flown using any current flight simulation software. Pilots are encouraged, but NOT required, to fly "online" using the VATSIM Network using any VATSIM approved software.


ALL MAXFREIGHT PILOTS ARE FREE TO SELECT THE FLIGHTS THEY WISH TO FLY, IN THE AIRCRAFT THEY WISH TO FLY, WHEN THEY WISH TO FLY IT with almost no restrictions. MaxFreight does not use bidding or assignments. A pilot may fly as many flights per week as they like, there is no limit. You may fly one of our scheduled or nonscheduled flights from your hub's Route web page, any other route from within the MaxFreight system of hubs. You may also choose a route of your own as a “charter” flight. We only require that you fly freight in a cargo type aircraft. Any of these type flights will count toward your MaxFreight pilot hours.


MaxFreight will gladly transfer hours flown with other Virtual Airlines when you join. .


MaxFreight is one of the oldest Cargo Virtual Airlines, remaining in continuous operation since inception in 1999.


MaxFreight welcomes all virtual pilots, experienced or brand new, to virtual flight simulation who want to fly cargo for one of the more pilot friendly cargo Airlines available.


Join MaxFreight today at http://www.maxfreightva.com



point of contact is Roy Ladd MAX6 Chief Operations Officer


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