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Cape Town INTL to O. R. Tambo INTL - Boeing 737-800 British Airways/Comair


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Hey guys,


Flying once again with Comair/British Airways, taking charge of a 738 from Cape Town to O. R. Tambo in South Africa! Flight time will be near to 2 hours, but we can definitely get there sooner if the wind is on our side! This will also be my last livestream before I go on channel hiatus for my upcoming exams, so do stay tuned for one last time this month!

The last stream I did today ensured I hit 700 subscribers plus! Let's see if we can smash that even more today and create an even larger buffer on that number! As I disappear for the next month, so will unfortunately a few subscribers, so let's see what we can do. :)

Check out my YouTube Channel for FSX, X-Plane and other simulator content!


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