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737-800 Airline Pilot tutorials for Virtual Pilots

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Good Day to all!


Thank you for the messages from some of the individuals from this forum. I’m pleased to announce after spending the last 3 days filming and editing all three videos for my 2nd Full Flight Tutorial have finished uploading!


The entire tutorial covers a sector from East Midlands to Dublin and includes a full setup, take off, initial climb, descent and approach using real world procedures using my experience as a line pilot and sim instructor.

You’ll notice a significant improvement compared to my first full flight tutorial. All applicable flight plans, charts and performance have been included for the first time.


I've tried to provide as much information as possible including actions completed by PF, PM, ATC and the operational side of flying in real life.


All full flight tutorials are flown live time with current weather conditions at the airport using Active Sky Next and I'll be flying actual approaches which will be likely the approach being used in real time.


Thank you for the continued support as I approach an incredible 1000 subscribers. To think that many people are interested in what I’m doing is outstanding and I look forward to making much more content in the future.


As ever if you would like anything covered, have any suggestion or ideas let me know!


Have a great weekend and Happy Landings!





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