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FTX Issue (Radio Button Next) Help!


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guys,the radio 01 button problem happened when there is a conflict or a registry changes for fsx ,to resolve this issue you need to make sure that the registry have a correct path for your fsx steam edition directory, there is a nice tool to fix that issue which is ( TWEAKFS - FSX REGISTRY UTILITY )


then click on set path then set your fsx path then click on set fsx path , THATS it i hope that this will solve your problem and if you have any question please ask

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OK, So I clicked on GET FSX PATH, And what am I gonna click, CURRENT_USER or LOCAL_MACHINE? And, for example, I clicked LOCAL_MACHINE then Set FSX Path, But still I have the error.


Radio Buttons 01 > On Next, Line 10: Argument 2 must be some type of string.


Stack Traceback:

1: [Radio Buttons 01 > On Next] Line: 10 in main chunk

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