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Downlaoding FSW


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Downloading it now, and I'm blown away by the speed (or lack thereof.) It say to download the full thing will take about 5 hours, 1 MB/s. Did others get a better download speed?


Also, does Steam really not know the difference between MB and GB? On the specs page for FSW, they are used almost interchangeably.

Spent way too much time using these sims...

FS 5.1, FS-98, FS-2000, FS-2002, FS-2004, FSX, Flight, FSW, P3Dv3, P3Dv4, MSFS

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My download took approx 45 minutes. Download speed varied quite a bit, so I suspect a lot of people were grabbing it at the same time. (minutes after it was made available)


I would think as time goes by, most will be able to download at whatever their maximum speed is.

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