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Citation X custom auto-throttle


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So I got Wilco's Citation X for P3D v3.4 that works wonderful except for 2 reasons.


The 1st is that it doesn't come with an auto-throttle but I worked around that by putting an auto-throttle in the aircraft.cfg, so I have an auto-throttle I can turn on with SHIFT + R. It shows the autopilot speed on top of the speedtape on the PFD like regular airliners. However the selected autopilot speed is always set to vMO and there doesn't seem to be a way to change it. Is there a way to change the speed for the autopilot for the feelthere version of the X.


The 2nd is that the throttles themselves get stuck and I can't move them from idle until I press F4 the max thrust button. It works well when I do that but when I move the throttles back to idle then I can't move them past 25.6 N1 and I have to press F4 to get them working again


I heard on Wilco's site to disable FSUIPC controlling the throttles but I did that and it still "jams" near idle. It happens when I control the throttle with both my gamepad and keyboard.


The Citation X is a beautiful plane from Wilco and I like it and want to make it work, please help.

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