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Texture appearance question.


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I'm using a generic bridge (OriginalGeneric_97) with this texture,[ bridge03.bmp. I've darkened it & painted the road way.

What I see is this lighter middle section & I cannot see why it shows like this.

I've attached a jpeg of the bridge03 texture. The texture doesn't have a light section & when I remove the texture the bridge of course turns white. Can anyone tell me what going on?!




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It appears that this section of the model is mapped to the row of blocks that runs on an angle on the texture.


You could try to darken that strip some more knowing that it will also affect the top row of blocks running up the ramp, on the outside.


I suspect what you are seeing is the sim's less than perfect representation of how the model should appear in sunlight.


Probably not that noticeable from 100 feet up.



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Indeed...what would Opa do!


You're right, it is that diagonal row that's doing it. I dismissed it because the horizontal row has vertical joins.


I'll play around with it & darken it & see what happens. I notice it because with sunlight behind the bridge that row should in dark but itsn't.......


Thanks for your help.

Joyeux Noël.



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