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X-Plane Add Ons


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Although I have had Flight Simulator for many years now, I am a newcomer to X-Plane, so I thought I might post this here.

If it should be posted in another forum please advise.


That said, I have the following problem:-


I have X-plane 11.0 (not the demo ) and it works well.


However , I seem to have a problem with adding Aircraft.


I recently purchased Alabeo's Cessna 177 for X-plane 10.5 and above.

There were no installation instructions with it, so I followed the instructions that the X-plane 11 guide advised on how to add Aircraft,

but when I opened the aircraft configuration section in X-plane all I got was a picture of a blank aircraft,

saying it was the Cessna 177 cardinal and a ? against it.


There were no livery selections with it either. This aircraft was supposed to have 5 HD livery selections plus a blank texture.


When selecting 'Customize' of the aircraft, there is no picture of a plane, just a big ? , but weight , balance and fuel is there.

It also shows the file path to where the aircraft is , with design studio and other info. So the only thing missing is the picture of the plane.


When I selected this aircraft and started a flight, the plane shown in X-Plane was the Cardinal 177, but just all white.

I take it this was the blank texture model ?


Inside the cockpit everything looks fine, except I cannot start the plane with the key. I can only start by using the 'Quick Start' option.

However this may be the designer's fault with the aircraft. Although it does show the little arrows left and right when you move the mouse over the key.


I noticed the same thing with one of the free aircraft that I downloaded , that was suggested in the Guide to Installing and running X-Plane plus add-ons.

No picture of the plane. Just a ?


Am I doing something wrong here when installing aircraft ?

The instructions for adding were:-

1. Double-click on the X-plane folder on the Desktop

2. In that folder, double-click on the Aircraft folder

3. Open the compressed folder that was previously downloaded and drag-and-drop the contents into the "Aircraft" directory window.

These I followed to the letter.

Any help would be much appreciated.


Ted Holmes



Windows 10

Intel i7 skylake 6thgen

Ram 16gb

Nvidia GTX1060, 6gb

SSD 512 gb - hard drive

Motherboard : Gigabyte

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