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Missing autogen in one area


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Hi Everyone,


Using FSX -Steam edition. Was flying around in the southern part of the South Island of New Zealand and there is no autogen. No Trees or buildings. No objects at airports either.


This happens south of 45 degrees south. Tried some airports in other countries and the autogen is good. Also tried some airports in Chile below 45 degrees south and the autogen is there. There is a definite line at 45 degrees south where the autogen starts and stops.


Checked on my old computer which has FSX Gold edition still installed and the autogen is there for the area I am having issues with in FSX-SE.


Anybody have any ideas what would cause the autogen to be missing in one area like this? Which files should I be looking for?


Looking forward to any help please.

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Do you have a lot of addon scenery? Try deleting the entries form the scenery library (NOT YOUR HARD DRIVE) a couple at a time until the problem goes away or you have deleted all of the scenery from the library. Make sure you only remove addon scenery, and not default scenery. Default scenery starts at Las Vegas, bit am not completely sure. You are not actually deleting them from the computer, just removing their entry from FSX. If that doesn't work, re-add all of your scenery.


Also, if you have any, remember to keep ORBX scenery below all of your other addon scenery and right above the default scenery.

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Thanks for you reply Ryapad, I am sure it was some add on as well. I have added and deleted various items over the six months since my last FSX-SE install. I backed up my FSX user files I wanted to keep and decided to do a clean install and just go with the addons I wanted to keep. Everything is working good now. Still funny how it just seem to be one area, base 1105 which covers Southern New Zealand.
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