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Struggling to install add ons


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I use FS8/FS9 I also use what FS2000 planes that will work in FS8, hope anyone can

help on this plane for FS2000 it is the Airbus A-400M, it will show up and work up

to a point in FS8 everything works on it, flaps, rudder, landing gear but when I apply

full throttle it slowly shuts down the engines. Would AirEd work? how do I fine it?


Thank You



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I want to update Windows up to version 10, but I'm worried about having to reinstall it. I was told that I would need to make a back up. I tried, but ran into the loss of their DVD or CD drive after upgrading. I was told that I can do it with external drive e.g. SE-218CB CD/DVD from Samsung, characteristics here https://www.bestadvisor.com/best-external-cddvd-drives Who faced this, with the uninstalled driver everything went as usual?
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