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Installing RWY12 and Easy to the scenery section of the flight simulator 9

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I am new to the flight simulator scenery section of flight simulator 9. I understand that in order for the scenery to work, that RWY12 and Easy has to be installed into that section. Can someone give me step-by-step instructions how to put these two into that section? Thank you very much. John
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Those are not programs. They are object libraries.

Sometimes someone that makes an addon airport uses a few extra objects from those libraries.


The thing is, the objects themselves do not get put in the created airport file. Only the info that determines which object goes where gets put in and saved.


When you install that addon airport it will work fine even if you don't have those libraries installed in your fsx.

If you do have the libraries, or install them later, the extra objects will show while flying.


The rw12 libraries are available in the Flightsim.com File Library. Link is at top of this page.

But, first go look for a file called: Ez_1.zip (maybe it's Ez1.zip).

That has all these objects combined, and saves you a lot of downloading and installing.

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